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    Amazon prime video is the most reliable and cost-friendly streaming platform. It allows the users to watch movies, documentaries, shows, etc on their device without

    any cable connection. The viewers can activate their devices at mytv. To find the activation code, download the

    application in your device. Then sign in to your account with your username and password. It is important to have the Amazon account for the activation process. If you

    don’t have an account then creates one. Then enter the activation code at [url=] the screen. This will give your

    access to the Prime Video on your TV or another Amazon eligible device.

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    Amazon redeem is a way to redeem the gift card in your Amazon account. You need to enter the claim code at [url=] redeem and

    then you will be able to use the gift card value while purchasing items from Amazon. The process of redeeming is the same for both e-card and physical card. The

    difference is that in both cases you will find the redeem code at different places. In physical card, the redeem code is available at the backside of the card and in

    e-card, the redeem code is available in your email address. Then enter the redeem code at redeem page and it’s


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    Amazon Music can be activated on your device by entering code at This URL is the activation page of Amazon

    Music where you can register your device to access Prime Music. You will get the code in the Amazon Music app installed in your device. If you haven't installed the

    application then do it to access the prime video. Then sign in to your Amazon account and if you don’t have an Amazon account then create one. Now enter the activation

    code at code page to register your device and enjoy the unlimited musical experience.

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    YouTube is popular in every corner of the world. From entertainment to education YouTube is helping people in many different ways. You can also watch YouTube on a big

    screen such as your Smart TV by activating it on This is one of the easiest and quickest

    methods to activate YouTube. You only need to find the activation code in the YouTube application of your device. For this install the app and sign in to your YouTube

    account. Then at the activation page of YouTube enter the code. To reach the activation page follow the URL


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    ESPN can be now watched on any device activating the device at You don’t need to but the cable TV

    connection as long as your device is capable to use the ESPN application. Then install the application and sign in to your account. If you don’t have an ESPN account

    then create an account first. You will be able to watch sports anytime including live and recorded matches by activating ESPN on your device. You also need to purchase

    the subscription to keep watching sports on the ESPN streaming application. At the end enter the activation code you found in the ESPN app at activates the

    page and you are good to go.

  7. #7 allows the users to get access to Prime Video on any device. With the Prime Membership, they can watch

    anything on Prime Video. Just authenticate your device using Mytv code.Activate Amazon Prime Music using on your device. It will allow you to

    listen to millions of songs, stations, albums, singers, and more. Find the code and enter it on the activation


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    Claim your Amazon Gift Card at redeem. You can use this card amount while shipping from the Amazon catalog. Find

    and enter the redeem code to get the card benefits.

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    Download and activate YouTube on your device now using Enjoy local and national news, shows,

    music videos, sports, and more live as well as recorded. Follow the process and get on your device now.

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    Note down the activation code and enter it at on your mobile or computer. By this, your device will get

    authorized with ESPN officials and will be able to access ESPN on your device. Follow the steps and find activate code.

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